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About Us

REDWATCH PROTECTION & FACILITIES SERVICES is one stop destination for your physical security needs. We offer highly effective security personnel (armed and unarmed), latest surveillance and access control system and expert consulting. RWP&FS groups deliver effective solution to a wide variety of routine and special events like terrorism driven security challenges.

Many of our employees are retired law enforcement officers with an expertise in protective services and intelligence matters. We handle a wide range of security issues. Whether it is protecting celebrities, entertainer, athletes, and business executives, offering corporate security training and consulting. As former military &intelligence veterans, our management fully understands the threat presented by terrorism to India and the need to preserve normalcy when implementing hazard mitigation measures in a vibrant, open society. Our expert consultants work closely with you to find the most valuable package for your security needs.

Our services include highly trained security guards, private body guards, VIP escort and executive bodyguards RWP&FS groups aspires to be one of the top five security companies in India by providing companies with the best and most advanced security system. REDWATCH PROTECTION & FACILILTIES SERVICES Company is highly trained in convert security operations, used by top companies.

RWP&FS groups are committed to achieving and sustaining new heights in performance and quality service within the private security service industry.

Company Values


Our Vision is provide security with cutting edge protection and loss prevention services. Unique in the field of private security firms, REDWATCH PROTECTION & FACILITES SERVICES employees an interg- raded approach in planning and providing Security & Safety to our clients , each of our clients required special focus requirement us in the safety & Security needs. We will be able to meet all security and loss prevention needs from initial customer contact to finis-hed system end of lines services, as regards an integrated programmed approach.


To provide highest quality of Secure security and safety Service. We also provide our valued only valued clients with full spectrum of system and service in field of Security & safety that reflect the most effective protection and loss prevention methods available.

To provide the best trained guards, body guards which is trained with fire fighting and damage Control with efficient staff.

Our Training

Public Relation
First aid training
Surveillance and Investigation
Defensive tactics
24 hour mobile supervision
Emergency procedures
Legal Obligations
Asset Verification
Pre/Post marital Investigation
Fire Fighting

Additional Benefits of Security Package

We have a manager Ops, Area Mgr, Field Officer based at major location responsible to monitor & coordinate operational activities of the concerned projects.

We have mobile petrol vans available at major location to meet contingent to requirements or as per the specific demand of clients.

Availability of 24 hours manned Security Control Room At major location to client’s requirements as well as theguards at each project at extra cost ,due to the visits made by manager (Operations) Are Managers and FIELD Officers.

On the job training at the post to ensure that guard has attained the required knowledge about his duty post ,reaction at the event of contingency and capability of the guarding them.Creating and maintaining a “SECURITAS PRESENCE” and high visibility by various means in order to deter crime and to give visitors and staff a comfortable and secure felling with the client’s premises. Our entire operational staff is equipped with mobile phones, Wireless sets, have also been provided at major projects on requirements of the clients.

Existence of Technical System Division

REDWATCH PROTECTION is equipped with independent Technical System Division to meet client’s technical requirement like Electronic Access Control, CCTV and Surveillance System, Fire Alarm, Intruder Alarm System, Sprinklers System, PA system etc. We have been providing total solution at single window, to meet requirements of the clients.

Surprise Inspection

To ensure high degree of alertness, a system of surprise checks has been instituted. REDWATCH PROTECTION system of internal Audit is directly under General Manger (Ops) of the region, which ensures prompt action for smooth functioning. Manager operations check all the post of their Zones at least once in a month.


REDWATCH PROTECTION Group takes pride in having a sophisticated internal Monitoring system (SIMS). We have a dedicated force of Field supervisors who carry out. The focus at REDWATCH PROTECTION Is inproviding customized security solutions and service and not just “MAN POWER” or personnel, to be utilized by the client.

Our Clientel

It was launched specifically to meet the up market demand for professional and high quality integrated Security Services. Our clients who have trusted REDWATCH PROTECTION to provide Security Management and protection of their valuable assets, includes mainly MNc’s, Banks, international Malls, Govt. Arcades, Shopping plazas, super specialty Hospital.

Quality of Security Personnel

The security personnel selected will be experienced professional guards having worked in similar environment .It will be ensured that they are of minimum acceptable education and

physical fitness standards capable of communicating properly and handling telephone system, electronic security equipments and fire detection and control system. They will be made to undergo focused pre induction training on their duties and responsibilities prior to deployment.

Professional Dog Squad

REDWATCH PROTECTION group offers the service of its DOG SQUAD for ant sabotage checks of public of Functions, Conference, Venues, Auditoriums, Corporate Head Quarters, Manufacturing plants, Shopping malls, ports and material stores. We have trained dogs via snifters and Guard Dogs with professional handlers trainers at Gurgaon.

Existence of Training Facilities

We have established training centers corporate HQ as at near Ahmedabad and both the facilities are manned by Ex-Defense Officers, imparting basic training to the newly recruited guards as well as to the existing force and operational staff. In addition, we have full fledged Training Academy handled by General Manager (Trg.)at Ahmedabad to meet the requirements of India operation. Our main Subjects of training at all the locations include basics of industrial security, Access control of men &Material, drill and Turnout, Visitors Handling of Contingencies and crisis management etc. Checking of all post 5 to 7 times a week, including night checking. Supervisor a regular report on the performance of each post

Rotation of Guard

To preclude the possibility of complacency and avoid our familiarization, the guards are rotated at regular intervals. However, in case specific request from the client, a guard may be permitted to continue over the stipulated time.

Our Standards

We have laid down our standers at REDWATCH PROTECTION a company policy towards achieving them,which has also become a part of our very ethics. It is in step with us to be the “BEST” Rather than the v “BIGGEST” in the competitive market. We as policy do not supply guards at random. We insist that they should be inducted as a viable team after Security Survey/Audit.

We pay the best salaries in the industry and follow all statutory norms of the State – Governments. Individual dossier of each guard is maintained at our HEAD OFFICE with Zonal Managers. And performance reviewed fortnightly.

Executive Body Of Organization

Ghanshyam Patel


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