Bodyguard / Bouncer

Bodyguard / Bouncer

First time in India, you can have the privilege of hiring Bodyguards who have the experience and know how of Guarding the Elites of the Elite in the corridors of power, both at central and state Government levels. We at REDWATCH PROTECTION offer you the choice of hiring Ex- NSG/SPG Commandos from armed and Para military forces or trained civilian Bodyguards at reasonable rates.

We offer highly capable Bouncer Services to address the security needs at venues such as bars, nightclubs or concerts which provide optimum security by checking legal age, and ensure venue safety by refusing entry to a venue based on criteria such as intoxication, aggressive behavior, or attractiveness. These Bouncers are ideal to handle huge crowd size and to deal with situations involving alcohol consumption and any consequential mishaps.

Our Training

Public Relation
First aid training
Surveillance and Investigation
Defensive tactics
24 hour mobile supervision
Emergency procedures
Legal Obligations
Asset Verification
Pre/Post marital Investigation
Fire Fighting

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