Disturbing Trend in Security Training Makes Redwatch Protection Your Best Choice

Disturbing Trend in Security Training Makes Redwatch Protection Your Best Choice

It has recently come to light that some security guards, security schools and security companies are taking shortcuts when it comes to training, which is resulting in poorly trained guards who provide inferior service. Redwatch Protection makes sure that all personnel meet or exceed licensing requirements for training.

Redwatch Protection. takes pride in providing the best-trained security and bodyguards in the industry to their clients.  While it has come to light that some security companies are deploying guards who sign up for the required training and being given the certificate of completion without actually undergoing the training, it is NOT SO at Redwatch Protection.  Not only does Redwatch Protection make sure that all of their guards and other security personnel comply with all state and local requirements for training and licensing, but they go above and beyond the requirements, providing additional training in areas such as CPR/AED, fireguard skills and close protection techniques.

The security schools, guards and companies who are taking advantage of the shortcut method of training believe they are saving time and money, but they are actually damaging the security industry by providing inferior guards.

The management at Redwatch Protection are military and police veterans who understand the importance of only deploying security guards and other security personnel who have a thorough understanding of all of the requirements and technology involved in the fulfillment of their duties and are able to think on their feet in the event of a security incident.  Much of the day to day duties of a security guard may be fairly routine, such as monitoring surveillance cameras or patrolling the perimeter of a job site, but in the event that there is a crisis, like an active shooter, workplace violence or a terrorist attack, the well-trained, thinking security personnel of Redwatch Protection will have a much greater chance of being able to prevent or minimize the damage from the incident.

Our clients entrust their premises, their property and their most precious asset – their people to our protection.  We would never betray that trust by sending improperly trained personnel to their site.

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