Pistol Man / Gun Man

Pistol Man / Gun Man

Pistol Man / Gun man security may have single security guard or a group of guards working in close coordination. Places where armed security is sought are banks, ATM machines, large shops and jeweler stores and other organization where cash or highly confidential data is kept. There is a lot of difference between armed and unarmed security personnel in terms of training and skills. Obviously, the armed security guards are trained for combat and are well versed in dealing with guns. REDWATCH PROTECTION supply armed guards to the clients depending on their requirement. We before providing security size up the location where the armed guard is supposed to be stationed and then suggest the best form of security. We go with the clients’ vision and add dimensions only to better the prospective.

We provide gun man security services to private as well as government offices and facilities.

Our armed guards are mentally and physically fit and are well trained to meet your expectations.

Our Training

Public Relation
First aid training
Surveillance and Investigation
Defensive tactics
24 hour mobile supervision
Emergency procedures
Legal Obligations
Asset Verification
Pre/Post marital Investigation
Fire Fighting

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